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Our mission is to reach out to families in our community that have children battling cancer or other illnesses.

When children are battling cancer, there are many expenses that can burden the family. These expenses can include medical costs, travel costs, home care costs, boarding costs and many other expenses. Unfortunately sometimes there are unexpected funeral costs. Many families are not prepared to handle these expenses even if they have insurance.

It is our purpose to financially help families offset these costs during their battle. We want to reach out and help our community like they helped our family. 

This year’s beneficiary


Meet 4 year old Super Hero Jedd Hansen aka “Ironman”


On May 28th 2014, Jedd’s parents took him down to Primary Children’s Hospital after he had been experiencing symptoms such as hand tremors, slowed speech and vomiting.  An MRI confirmed a tumor found in the back of Jedd’s head.

The next day Jedd underwent surgery. Doctors were successful and confident they had removed the tumor.

On June 10th, the Hansen’s got a life changing phone call; Jedd was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.  His tumor had tested malignant,

Over the past two months Jedd has gone through 30 radiation treatments and will begin 9 months of chemotherapy in September.

We are calling on all super heroes to come out and support Jedd and his family in their fight against cancer.  Please come join us in our 5th annual Super Hero 5K run or 2 mile walk on Saturday, October 11th 2014.  100% of all money raised, will be donated to Jedd and his family.