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This year's beneficiaries will be

Zoie Gubler

Meet our 2019 Superhero Zoie Gubler.


Zoie was a healthy and thriving little girl who loved her Preschool classes, playing soccer, dancing, and tumbling. After some normal bouts of mild colds throughout December last year, a lump on her neck showed up one day that was thought to be from another virus. Zoie was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma just 5 days later on January 19th, 2019. She was only 3 years old at the time, but has recently turned 4! Her tumor was the size of three of her hearts that was overtaking her chest cavity. It most likely grew in a month's time and was starting to compress on her airways and heart. Blessedly, she responded quickly to treatment and the tumor was inactive and broken apart just 6 weeks later.

However, Zoie has another 2 years of treatment where she will continue to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatments to give her the best chance at remaining cancer-free. She is a big spirit in a little body and has continued to amaze us just how strong she really is! Anyone who knows Zoie, knows that she is a witty, funny, and sassy little sweetheart. She has gone through much more than any four year old ever should the last several months, but we have all learned so much and continue to grow from watching her example.

Thanks so much for all your help with this! We so so appreciate it!




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Heroes For Families

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, "Heroes For Families" was founded on the behalf of Carissa Hansen with the goal to financially help families with children battling cancer.

The Hansen family was immensely grateful for the support they received during their own daughter's battle against this life-threatening illness.

Heroes for Families works year round to reach back out to the community, particularly to the families who are battling cancer, and give back that same support that the Hansen family received.

In memory of Carissa Hansen who died in 2006 from a brain tumor

Heroes for Families

Scott & Debbie Hansen

4605 W 1600 N

Plain City UT 84404


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