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This year’s beneficiary is Jonathan Knowles, an 11 yr old boy from Layton, who has been battling a brain tumor on his Hypothalumus.  Jonathan has undergone extensive chemotherapy treatments and as a result has had several complications.  Among those, he recently had plates attached to each of his knees to help control bowing in his legs.  After all that has happened to him through this challenge, you can still find a big smile on his face.  We are so glad and excited to help Jonathan and his family this year.

This year, we will also be honoring the Jones Family from Syracuse.  Joshua, their 17 yr old son, recently passed away from a Gioblastoma Brain tumor that he battled for 5 years.



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Heroes For Families

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, "Heroes For Families" was founded on the behalf of Carissa Hansen with the goal to financially help families with children battling cancer.

The Hansen family was immensely grateful for the support they received during their own daughter's battle against this life-threatening illness.

Heroes for Families works year round to reach back out to the community, particularly to the families who are battling cancer, and give back that same support that the Hansen family received.

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